New Video: Skopenow Gab for OSINT Investigations

  • Check out the learning section for this Great Video and The Articles section for the white paper. The Skopenow team hits it out of the park.

    What is Gab?

    Gab is a social media platform launched in 2016 commonly associated
    with a far-right user base. After the recent removal of Parler from the
    Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon Web Services, many
    free speech advocates are flocking to Gab instead of back to more
    mainstream platforms. In light of riots at the US Capitol on January 6,
    2021, it’s essential to understand the importance of expanding an
    OSINT investigation to alternative social media platforms. This guide will
    cover how to discover users and groups on Gab and Dissenter, extract
    relevant content from pages of interest, and analyze the data collected.
    Additionally, it’ll cover Dissenter, a Brave-based custom browser created
    by Gab, and how it can be useful in an investigation.

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