Research for Civil Cases – looking for input and assistance

  • Chad Vazquez

      While searching for information on a NY (Queens Supreme Court) civil case, I came across a site called TRELLIS which offered, for a substantial monthly fee, copies of the complaint and other documents related to the case. While most of my work is criminal defense, I sometimes need this type of information. Are there any other sources where I can obtain this information?


      Your best bet is to use a company who does document retrieval. If you need a recommendation for a particular county shoot me a DM. You should not pay a month subscription for something, unless you are using it on a frequent basis. The best way to get the information , is to get it directly from the court house. Some of it it is online (depending on the county) but some you have to pull directly.


      Chad Vazquez

        Thanks! Could you recommend a company that does Document Retrieval in NY and FL please?

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